The Peregrine Hotel – Case Study

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The Issue 

The Coordination of the installation of a 17-foot diameter lighting fixture. 

  • Twenty-four individual hangers were located on nine separate pieces of the fixture. 
  • Multiple systems were occupying the space above a hard lid ceiling.

The Solution

Months before the fixture was even onsite, a laser scan of the existing area was captured. A 3D model was created, including all of the structure, mechanical systems, and plumbing surrounding the fixture area. Utilizing the lighting fixture shop drawings, we also modeled each of the 24 cable locations that would be used to hang the fixture.

Once the models were federated, we instantly identified where the hanger cables would conflict with the installed mechanical systems. We uploaded the models into our Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) Revizto to coordinate with our field teams to relocate the clashing hangers. Once all of the hanger locations were relocated and clash-free, we collaborated with the fixture manufacturer to get updated fixture shop drawings for installation. We loaded the updated shop drawings into our total station, laid out the hanger connection points onto the concrete deck, and installed the hanger cables before the hard lid was constructed. Months later, the “Nest” fixture installation went smoothly, with every hanger cable being precisely in the right spot without a single alteration in the hard lid ceiling.

The Conclusion

Lueder VDC Services added value to the client and efficiencies to the project. Utilizing laser scanning, scan2BIM, and Coordination, we installed an extremely complex lighting fixture without any rework. We mitigated risk, improved safety, and ensured a perfect fit, eliminating any possibility of having to open the hard lid ceiling and all of the rework that would have come with that endeavor. We also eliminated any possibility of schedule creep by identifying the possible risks and getting all of the information corrected well before the actual installation.

Lueder VDC Services increased safety, eliminated rework and the waste associated, kept the project on schedule, and ensured a successful outcome using many of our services.